Google Project Ara initiative that aims as making a fully customized smartphone as per the users need has went out a step ahead in its development program. For those who are still unaware of Project Ara, this is a project where you can have a device of your choice. This means you can select the RAM, memory storage, display screen and almost everything and have the device of your own choice. Recent reports coming from Linaro Connect US 2014 conference that the Project Ara will incorporate a feature for module hot-swapping, meaning that users would even be able to swap parts of its modular phone when the smartphone is powered on.

This means that during the usage if your memory storage gets full, users would be able to swap the memory on-the-go and continue with their day ahead. The great thing would be users would even be able to swap the battery without turning the phone. Yes, there is a power reserve feature that will continue to flash the smartphone screen even in no battery condition.

There would other two parts also that would not be hot-swappable and it is the display and the processor of the device. Google is working on this great initiative with just a $50 entry price to it. The pricing for different blocks is not known yet. We can expect the first Project Ara smartphone to go official anytime in January 2015. It is supposed to run a modified version of Android L  that would be very interesting.