We are all aware about the Project Ara by Google that aims at making modular smartphones with different assembled modules for its processor, display and other parts of a smartphone. Latest reports show that a strong health component could also be associated with the Project. A new plug-in kind of module has been produced that turns the handset into a pulse oximeter. Well, the use of this is found in the medical industry where doctors usually ask for a pulse ox reading in order to determine the percentage of patient’s blood that is saturated with oxygen. This idea was originally thought by the project head Paul Eremenko and wanted the phone to have some health related modules.

Paul has also suggested the Project Ara to be a device that would help determine crowd source data patterns. According to him, Google might also release a consumer pilot of the handset by next year. Precise dates for this would be announced at the Project Ara developer conference in January. In addition to this, there are many other things which the company has planned to bring to this module that includes having some hot-swapping chipsets without switching off the handset and much more. Grab all the details till date regarding this wonderful project here.

source: VentureBeat