Well, it seems that Google is gearing up with modular concept smartphone Project Ara and as the expected 2015 release of the Project is getting closer with every passing day, we are getting more and more insight into the Project. Recently at the Prude University, team leader Paul Eremenko said that Ara components would have its special store that would be dedicated modular hardware for the Project.

Paul also said that the Ara MDK would be free and open and would easily be available to all. This means that anyone would be able to create a module. Just like various developers across the globe can easily put their apps on Play Store for Android, module developers for Ara would be able to easily put their hardware on the dedicated marketplace for this project. This would allow various module makers across the globe to directly sell their products to consumers as Google desires.

Well this would certainly prove to be very fruitful platform both for developers and consumers and it would be interesting to see different hardware modules during launch of the marketplace. Just for your information, the Project Ara was initiated by Motorola however, after sold to Lenovo Google has still managed to keep to themselves. The basic price for the modular handset is said to be $50.

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