Dell has previewed its latest product, Dell Venue 8 7000 at Intel Developer Forum. It boasts as one of the thinnest tablet that is currently available in the market with 8.4 inch display and 6mm thickness. The bottom and side bezels are thin but the top panel is thick to house a large, front-facing camera and provide a place to grip the tablet. The back part is a subtle gray colour which we do not know what the material that it was made from yet.

Its camera is made of Intel’s RealSense 3D depth-sensing camera. The Intel’s technology is able to create a depth map of an image. Even though we have not tried it ourselves, it was demonstrated by Intel’s CEO Bryan Krzanich and Michael Dell. In the presentation, Dell showed a photo that he took in the Golden Gate Bridge, a fisherman standing in the foreground. He then used an editing tool to change the focus and blur either the fisherman or the Golden Gate Bridge by tapping on the image. It is that easy! He then opened a photo of a couch which can help him to determine whether the couch will fit in his room.

Dell Venue 8 7000 is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom “Moorefield” CPU which promises long battery and strong performance. The tablets come with Android 4.4 KitKat as the operation system. It is expected to be released in November 2014 while the pricing has not been announced.