Price from Chinese List Shows Moto 360 to Be Very Expensive

We all are waiting for the launch of three Android Wear devices that will hit the market very soon. We already know very much about the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch but what is frustrating is the lack of information we have about Moto 360. Many people have their eyes only focused on Moto 360 but sadly it is the only one that people don’t know much about.

According to the inside news, Moto 360 very much resembles the other two devices but what is concerning the people is its price. While Samsung and LG have made their devices simple, the Motorola is introducing its Android Wear with more of a premium look and fine design. Some news tells that Moto 360 comes with wireless charging and sapphire glass, which could very well be the reason why it costs more.

Chinese site lists the price of Moto 360 to be 2,800 yuan. It is a cause of concern for anyone pre-ordering the device as the price is converted to be $450. The price of the other two Samsung and LG Android Wear devices on the same site is 1,500 yuan, which means Moto 360 has twice the price as compared to both of them.

The list might provide wrong pricing and might be only focusing on making profit from curious customers. The list displays the weight of Moto 360 to be 250g while the other two devices are at 60g range but people claims that Moto 360 is lighter than the other two devices.

Earlier the Motorola put the price of Moto 360 at watch face contest to be $249 but later it said that the price would be changed.

Moto 360 is priced at near $340 in Europe. So, one can assume that the price range for it will be from $300 to anything above.