Android Lollipop updates have already started rolling out for various Android smartphones. Android phone users are eagerly awaiting Lollipop updates on their devices. Although Samsung has not announced when the Galaxy Note 3 will get its Lollipop updates, Sammobile has released some screenshots and a video showing how the Android Lollipop looks like on the handset.

Sammobile has got hold of an “internal build” of Android Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 3. The screenshots and video give us a preview of how the Lollipop will integrate with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and appear on the Note 3.

Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-1 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-2 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-3 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-4 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-5 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-6 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-7 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-8 Android-Lollipop on-GalaxyNote3-feature

There are some new animations in the user interface which are quite smooth.  In the UI, Samsung has changed Google’s default green color in stock Android Lollipop to its own signature blue color at some places, for example in the settings menu. Also, there are changes in the font and icon colors in the settings.

Overall, it looks better but at some places it needs a bit of tuning up. However, Samsung is sure to remove all the kinks before launching the Android 5.0 Lollipop updates officially, which may probably be early next year. Recently we saw previews of Android Lollipop updates for Galaxy S5 and S4 too. We will keep you dated regarding the release of the official version.

Here’s the video showing the Galaxy Note 3 running Android Lollipop / TouchWiz: