Mozilla encompasses a mission: deliver a smartphone expertise on bottom dollar devices in order that individuals anywhere in the world would be able to afford them.

Though the Flame phone is not exactly the most cost-effective phone out there (cue the Moto E), it still retails for an occasional $170, which is able to be music to the ears of makers and anybody who needs to do out Mozilla’s mobile OS.

Flame may be a “reference device”, which means that it had been formed with the event community in observance. Mozilla functioned thoroughly with T2Mobile in making the phone, that offers developers a way of forming the RAM of the phone victimization the phone’s code so that they will emulate a spread of Firefox OS devices which will be discharged throughout the approaching year.

To standardize the planning, development, and testing of Firefox OS, Mozilla has partnered with an organization known as Thundersoft to manufacture, distribute, and bring up-to-date a Firefox OS reference phone identified as the Flame. Till now, there has been no “reference device” and also the selections for finding one thing through marketing were limited.

T2Mobile also will be charged with rolling out the software system updates of Firefox OS, and even provide you with a method of making an attempt out totally different unleash channels, in order that you’ll even install nightly builds right from your device.

Firefox-OS-FlameThe Flame is illustrative of the mid-tier phone hardware Mozilla and its associates are pointing over the approaching year. It absolutely was designed for our developer and contributor community; therefore we tend to worked with the maker to stay the worth as low as doable. We’re eager that we tend to be able to bring a prime quality reference device to our developer community at a reasonable worth.

The Flame also will be a good development and testing setting for third party app developers directing Firefox OS and HTML5. The phone offers a software package configurable RAM choice which will be created to outdo many various devices which will be commercially out there later this year.

So specification wise, what will you $170 web you? A good mid-range smartphone: a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM (that are often clocked from 256mb-1GB), a 4.5” display with 854 x 480 firmness, a 5MP camera with a 2MP selfie unit, 8GB internal space for storing with a micro SD card slot, twin SIM support, and an 1800mAh battery.

If you’ve command off on obtaining a Firefox OS phone as a result of they weren’t out there in your region or the phones in marketplace didn’t meet your development and testing desires, don’t miss out on the chance to pre-order one among these Flame reference phones these days.

NOTE: Once pre-ordered, the Flame can take about four weeks before it ships. The phone can ship at no cost anyplace within the world (unless you reside in Japan).