Smartphones nowadays come with a camera which is able to take a high quality of pictures. However, it does not work so well in a dark environment. There is a new product named PowerLite, which is currently, is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is aiming for a $60,000 target necessary to start production. In this entry, we are going to explain more about what is PowerLite and what it offers.

PowerLite works like a portable flash which able to remotely activate the shutter on your phone’s camera as well as recharge the battery of your phone. It weighs a little bit more than an ounce .3 inches. The device has a total of 14 LEDs with 630 Lumens which is equivalent to the light from a 40 watt bulb. The LEDs can be dimmed from your phone so that you can get the right amount of lightning to get the perfect picture. On top of that, PowerLite can also be used as a portable charger since it is also embedded with a 1600mAh battery inside the unit.

Another version of the product, PowerLite Slim, offers a 800mAh battery. There are two versions of each model available. One with Lightning cable or iPhone and another with a microUSB cable for phones run on Android 4.3 or higher.

PowerLite is pledged at $19 which is 58% off below of the expected retail price. When you share on Facebook or Twitter, you can pledge $5 and receive a PowerLite or PowerLite Slim. If there are enough fund within the next three days, then the product will be expected to ship in June.

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