Apparently, Flappy Bird is not dead yet. It was one of the biggest manias last year, but later on like all things, lay low. Nevertheless, this simple and uncomplicated game has proven its great potential, turning developer Dong Nguyen richer at the end of each day. And much to our surprise, Flappy is back and has conquered the wearables. You can now enjoy and play Flappy Bird on Android wear powered smartwatch!

This exciting news was made real by Android developer Corbin Davenport. However, it needs a modified version of the apk and an Android Debugging Bridge in order to sideload the game. Instructions were posted by Davenport here.

Davenport also admits that there is a little problem when it comes to the display. As the game is compressed in a relatively smaller screen, there are instances when the score is cut off the screen. Aside from that, the game works amazingly well. If you have an Android powered smartwatch, make sure you try this out!

Watch this video of Flappy Bird flying past the pipes on a Motorola Moto 360!