Consumers are often facing problems of battery drain issues in smartphones. Increasing bigger batteries inside are not the only option but technology makers have to create more efficient optimized algorithms. One of the interesting application named Pixel Battery Saver is available which takes full advantage of AMOLED displays’ ability to control every pixel.

AMOLEDs doesn’t have a backlight and they achieve deep blacks by turning down required pixels. Pixel Battery Saver superimposes a black mesh on display and provide users to adjust its density. As a result, it renders half or more of the pixels without leeching energy. However, this might degrade the image quality since it removes pixels away. But we can still enjoy the content with proper adjustment by saving much battery life.

The tactic makes sense considering the battery drain issues nowadays due to fast chipsets and demanding displays. Pixel Battery Saver app is not to be used as a constant running app. It can be used as a supplement to manually dimming the display during low battery. The application is developed considering AMOLED display’s new features, such as enabling the mesh automatically at specific battery stages.

Pixel battery saver (PBS) is available free in play store , with premium version coming in future.