A new physics demonstration has been created in order to increase the effects level of games Thiago Costa is the creator of this physics engine demonstration that can improve the condition of the games effects that you can’t even image. However, this cannot be available in real-time but the creator believes that he will soon reveals the new development to the gamers.

Softimage’s ICE platform has used in order to create the physics engine demonstration that is known as insane for the people. However, there is not official announcement when the wondering thing will be used in games but if it happens, it will bring many particle effects.

Autodesk is the owner of the renowned Softimage software that can easily provide you the 3D computer graphics to the user. In this case, he has used the application to bring the 3D modeling, 3D computer animation and graphics to improve the effects of the games. Moreover, the video game and films will highly beneficial with the software for creating any type of objects, environments in the screen.