Twitter has launched new app called Periscope which allows users to easily stream live video to your followers. Before Periscope was launched, there is only one app name Meerkat which does the similar things. However, a lot of Meerkat’s user complains that are a lot of links which are not working when they click on them.

Periscope has a lot of features and functions. One of them is the ability of transmitting your own live broadcasts over a platform, notify all your followers instantly whenever your feed goes live which then allow them to tune in, post comments or send hearts in real time. The “Replay” feature is the feature that sets Periscope apart from other apps. With this new feature, followers will be able to tune in to videos even though the broadcast has ended, complete with the ability to comment or like the uploaded videos. Unfortunately, this feature lasts for 24 hours only.

Furthermore, broadcasters will be able to share their live feeds with specific users by invitation only. You also able to share on Twitter by clicking the bird icon before you go live in order to share your video to the public. The app is also capable to suggest people you can follow on the network based on your Twitter network composition.

Periscope is free to download on App Store. However, the Android version of the app is currently a work in progress.