Samsung is looking for offer a different experience of S Pen to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone users. The brand gives the name of S Pen feature is Penvatars. You will put the S Pen’s pointer to any of the avatars and it will get life and do its funny activity to your display.

Samsung has signed with Marvel in order to release the first flagship of Penvatars. Therefore, you will get the heroes from The Avengers, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and more on the display screen.

However, Samsung has not said a word about the release of the downloadable app. But, this is the beginning and only the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Note 4 users will get the feature on their S Pen pointer on the heroes.

If you have any of the two smartphones, be ready, because Penvatars could be released at any time. Let’s see how they will look like on the screen.
Penvatars is one the way for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge