It is a changing world; people are getting smart and even smarter in all way round. Therefore, things around them also need some kind of change or I must say things around us also need to get smart.

Human being have made and even making new inventions and innovations to make the life smarter. Peel is one of those smart appeals.

From old black and white televisions to brand new smart phones, innovation is everywhere. Well now, its time for our old granny days TV remote to change in to a new one or I should say into a smart one.

Peel Smart Remote App is one of its kind apps, which just walked in our life suddenly and made it easy for us to browse through channels in a very impressive way. Well all thanks goes to the Cofounder of Peel and CEO Thiru Arunachalam.

Peel Smart Remote app is smartly makes you to flip or browse through the content of Movies, TV shows and Sports.

All you have to do is just get it from Android Market free of cost and welcome to the new and smart world of Peel.

The app has been redesigned to find trending twitter conversations by using a patent-pending solution. It detects the trending twitter conversations about your favourite shows. The app has various functionalities, which can help users to tune into a T.V. channel by just clicking on a trending tweet.

Though one thing which got to break many other hearts is that it is only for Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 users by using IR port. Galaxy Tab plus 7.0 users can browse through the lists, along with this, can read the episode, mark as favorite, and even can share it via social networks with your loving ones.

Until now, Peel has around 60 million users and without any doubt, many more are getting ready to use it every minute.

Although, many others still are going to punch the buttons of there TV remote; still its way awesome to use it at home and feel like a smart pant.