Pebble has put out a teaser on its website showing a countdown timer below the picture of a watch, hinting that there will be some announcement from the company when the timer becomes zero i.e. at 10AM EST on next Tuesday. Earlier in the month Pebble’s CEO Eric Migicovsky had said that the company would be releasing a new software platform and a new product line this year.

Now 9To5Mac has received information from multiple inside sources that Pebble has been working on major updates to both the hardware and the software of its watch and they will be ready to roll out next week on Tuesday. Pebble’s new smartwatch is reportedly thinner in size but with a wider screen and a color display looking like e-paper. However, it will not be a touch screen like the Apple Watch is supposed to have.

Although the new watch will be thinner and brighter than the earlier models, the battery will reportedly remain the same as the current models. It will sport an improved backlight for the display and a microphone which could lead 3rd party developers to create new apps for the Pebble platform. A heart rate monitor is a part of the company’s long term plans but not just yet.

The new Pebble watch will have a redesigned brand new Pebble OS. It will offer a timeline view showing recent notifications and several new animations in the user interface. The watch will have a new Cortex M4 chip and a 6-axis gyroscope. Its pricing is expected to be similar to that of Pebble Steel.

Of course, the Tuesday’s announcement may be for entirely another reason, we can’t say for sure. But if not now, Pebble’s new smartwatch is certainly expected sometime in the near future. So far, Pebble has been facing tough competition from Android Wear smartwatches and now it will have added competition from Apple Watch that is expected to release in April this year.


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