Online money transfer service PayPal has just announced that it is planning out to bring its official app on Android Wear devices. This announcement came after Google unveiled its wearable device OS Android Wear at the Google I/O last week followed up with the launch of LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. For the time being, the app would be rolled out through PayPal’s beta channel but would be ready by July 7 that is the official public release date for Android Wear.

PayPal is considered to be the first to venture into such services. The company has earlier been in this segments when it launched few dedicated apps for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit. It seems that the wearable device OS from Google is soon to spread among major corporations like PayPal and others each of them having dedicated apps to solve their purpose in shortest possible time.

The above screenshot shows that PayPal on Android Wear will have swipable slides, just similar to the apps like Google Hangouts that were demoed earlier. With just a scroll or swipe to the right, user can receive messages on payments received or transactions made and much more.