Australia market is the third in the world to introduce a policy whereby you can return the purchase which is received not in a good condition or received in the wrong color from the color in your invoice and get a shipping cost return. The other two countries which offer this service are Canada and France. Users who opt-in to the service able to request a refund on the PayPal website and able to receive shipping costs up to A$45 for four items.

According to Emma Hunt, Director of Small Business, PayPal Australia, Australians like to shop online since online shopping offers flexibility and convenience in how and when they make purchases. However, the complication of potential return costs and processes are preventing them to enjoying the online retail experience.

Furthermore, a study by the company showed that 5 millions Australians were receiving products which are not according to their liking with a total purchase price of A$460 million or 13 million items. However, there are some items which you cannot request for the refund of shipping cost, intangible items such as music, vouchers or items. It is written in the fine print of the return policy. Another condition is that you need to pay the whole amount from your PayPal account and you can only claim up to a total of $45 across four returns up until July 2015. After that, the service will still be exists but with small amendments.