Yes, this is true. The Chinese handset makes OnePlus is soon to launch its OnePlus One smartphone on 23rd April this month and know the company has put forward an interesting contest so that more number of people are encouraged to take a look at this beautiful device. This contest is specifically for photographers and is known as Photo-Mania contest. Three luck winners will get the upcoming One handset.


So how to get into the contest?

In this contest, participants will have to take pics with the One’s camera, where the company will be giving out loaner cameras to few of the selected photographers. Participants will have to take images and upload them without any kind of editing which means that the images should be straight from One’s lens. The three lucky emerging winners will get a OnePlus One for free.

So participants will have to submit their best unedited pics where they will have to link to their photo sharing page online like Flickr and Instagram. Based on these images the team at OnePlus will have a better idea to their skills. Three of the best skilled photographers will be selected will be awarded the handset. So if you think that you have that within you to capture the world beautifully through lens, this is the right platform to showcase your talent. Get more details on the official website here.