The iPhone 6 has turned to be the talk-of-the-town these days and is expected to breaks covers very soon in the coming months. But, Apple doesn’t seem to forget its older flagships. The Cupertino giant has recently launched a new commercial created in-house named as “Parenthood” and shows how the Apple iPhone 5s can play a very vital role to help parents interact with their kids. The iPhone 5s can play different roles like a video baby monitor, a video camera to capture the nature’s shots and even as a thermometer to measure child’s temperature.

The commercial shows that even when the parent is out of the town for some reason, they can still teach their child from remote place via FaceTime and flash cards. Moreover, while going on walk and taking the baby on a stroller, the iPhone can be mounted on the handlebar and can give information like the number of calories burnt.

Check out the “Parenthood” video commercial below to know it more better.