Oppo N3 is slated to launch on October 29 and Chinese shops are already getting ready to welcome it. They are putting up hand-painted signs in their windows showing details about Oppo’s upcoming flagship .

China has numerous brick and mortar stores selling mobiles and they have already started accepting pre-orders for the Oppo N3. The hand-painted signs in these shops display various details about the smartphone including its display, camera and price tag.

We can make out from the picture that the Oppo’s new handset will have a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p.  It seems that this handset won’t have a QHD version like the company’s Find 7 smartphone. Oppo N3 is also slated to have a 16MP motorized rotating camera. The camera has earlier been seen in a teaser image. It  is a 1/2.3” motorized camera that can rotate 206 degrees and can act as both the rear and the front camera.

Oppo N3 -2

The Oppo N3 smartphone comes with a hefty price tag of 4928 Yuan that is equivalent to about US $700 or €550. We don’t know the details about the other specs which would justify such a high price tag because it is almost twice the price of Xiaomi M4, IUNI U3 and Meizu MX4. But we do know that the smartphone will arrive in two types of body materials, Stainless Steel and Lithium-Aluminum alloy.

Well, the official launch of Oppo N3 at Singapore is just about a week away and we will know the remaining details about it quite soon.

Via GizChina