We have been monitoring this device since days with its rumors and now the company has finally made it official as per the scheduled date. Today in Singapore, Chinese handset maker Oppo has finally declared its much awaited Oppo N3 that comes with some very unique features like a motorized swiveling camera, a multi-purpose fingerprint sensor and ultra-fast charging technology.

Looking to its specs, the device has a 5.5” touch screen display having 1080p pixel resolution and a 400ppi density. At its heart, Oppo has pumped a powerful quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.5GHz. The camera has also received a significant bump with 16MP primary camera having 1.34 micrometer pixels. The camera is the major USP of the device and is a swiveling camera having a motorized mechanism and this camera tech is made in collaboration with German giant Schneider Electric. This rotating camera is capable to produce a 206 degrees turn that allows panorama images to be captured easily without moving the handset manually with hand. The camera also has a Tracking Focus feature that would allow users to keep moving object in focus.

Oppo N3 1 Oppo N3 2 Oppo N3 Camera 2 Oppo N3 camera

There is also an O-Click remote control which serves as a companion device and would remotely allow to turn the camera around, take a picture and even control music from distance. Another unique feature of the device includes an fingerprint scanner that can be used as a touch pad and would allows different fingerprints to be assigned to different functions and apps giving quicker functionality to users.

Compared to the Oppo N1 the battery capacity has been reduced from 3610mAh to 3000mAh in Oppo N3. However, the company has used its own VOOC technology that allows to charge the handset to 75% in just 30 minute time span. With a smaller screen and bit lower battery, the Oppo N3 has gone to much lighter and thinner compared to its predecessor Oppo N1.

The handset would be powered with the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat version skinned with Oppo’s own Color OS v2.0i that offers some enhanced user experience, floating notifications, gesture based controls and much more. The device would be launched by 2014 end having a price tag of $649. Take a look at the promo video of the device released by the company.