The new Oppo N3 has been the subject of discussion that has leaked numerous of photos before. Two pictures were leaked on the cylinder shaped camera along with the swiveling snapper photo that looked like Oppo N1’s designed. The recent leaked picture of the n Oppo N3 shows the surfaced and design of the new Oppo.

The new Oppo N3’s screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 matches with the Oppo N1 but with a larger display of 5.9-inch and 373ppi pixel density. At the same time, the camera sensor will be 13 mega pixels with 206 degrees along with 3GB RAM and 805 Snapdragon CPU.

Oppo N3 with 5.9 inch screen, 3GB RAM & Snapdragon 805 Specs Reveals 1

However, there is some variation of the Oppo N3 because it offers durable building body and lightweight with Aluminium Lithium material. At the same time, this is stainless steel body that considering the version of Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone too!

You can expect to have the Oppo N3 in the upcoming month’s Oppo event and more clear details.