With the basic firmware of 4.3 Jelly Bean, Oppo is launching an update of Find 7a which will convert it to ColorOS 1.2.1i. The update will occupy 290MB of storage.

Oppo Find 7a Software Update

Some efficient changes have been made in the Smartphone to provide smart covers, voice unlock feature, and improved battery life.

What others improvements have been made are given here:

•    Addition of smart cover support
•    New voice unlock feature helps to unlock mobile easily without the complications of typing passwords or drawing patterns to keep privacy.
•    Addition of E-warranty card registration
•    Networking switching allows less power consumption so you can enjoy more battery life in less charging
•    Auto alarm ringing after switching off has been reduced to 40 seconds from 2 minutes. This is the time of next alarm ring
•    Eliminated switch-on sound, so the mobile may power on silently without disturbing others
•    The problem of mobile not turning-on automatically after ending calls has been repaired and now no such problems are there to be found.
•    Built-in music player, now searching files with .ogg format feature has been fixed. Now it can easily detect .ogg file format.
•    With efficient MTP mode, number of small files gets copied quickly as speed has been improved.

Get the latest updates of Oppo Find 7a this instant.

On the other hand Oppo has begun taking orders before the launching of QHD Find 7, which will be available in July.