With much rumors and leaks floating over the internet from many days, fans had been eagerly waiting for this day to see the official unveiling of the much awaited Oppo Find 7 and break the ice of suspicion. As planned, the company has today launched the Oppo Find 7 at a dedicated event. On looking at it what can be said is that most of the information available about the device till date is found out to be true. As predicted, the Oppo Find 7 is available in two different variants of FHD and QHD. Before making and discussion further let us check out the Technical Specifications of the device.

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Technical Specifications of the Oppo Find 7

  • The QHD version packs a 5.5” display with 2560×1440 pixel resolution and a whopping 538ppi pixel density. The QHD version comes with a Super Screen 2.0 technology covered with Gorilla Glass 3 so that users can easily operate it through even through wet hands. The FHD version has the same screen size but sports a 1080p display.
  • The QHD version beats at 2.5GHz and packs a quad-core Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC chipset same as that of the GalaxyS5. It features a 3GB RAM supported by Adreno 330 for graphics handling. The FHD version clock at a bit lower 2.3GHz having a quad-core Krait CPU powered with Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB chipset. The FHD version has a 2GB RAM.
  • The QHD version has a 32GB of internal storage with a provision for an expandable microSD card slot whereas the FHD version has a 16GB of internal storage and a microSD expandable card slot.
  • The camera for both the QHD and FHD versions is same. The device sports a 13MP camera with Sony Exmor sensors, a F/2.0 lens with LED flash, 4K video recording and 720p slow motion clips at 12-fps. The camera has a built-in Super Zoom mode which merges 10 photos into a single one with a 50MP image output. Thus, the previously spotted camera samples of 50MP images from the Oppo Find 7 turns out to be true. Both the versions have a 5MP front facing camera.
  • Dimension wise, both the smartphones are same measured at 152.6 x 75 x 9.2mm. the FHD version weighs 170 grams while the QHD version weighs 173 grams.
  • Taking a look at the battery life, Oppo has introduced a new technology dubbed VOOC that charges upto 75% of its full capacity in just 30 minutes. The QHD version has a 3,000mAh of battery life while the FHD version has a 2,800mAh of battery life.
  • The Oppo Find 7 comes with a Color OS 1.2 and the company has made a collaboration with the Bank of China in order to allow the Oppo Find 7 to make NFC based payments to nearly 250 POS enabled stores.
  • The handset also packs a special MaxxAudio speakers with optimum bass quality and a special app named MaxxEq. For smooth tuning of the sound.

The Oppo Find 7 QHD is priced at 3,498 CNY ($565USD) while the FHD is priced at 2998 CNY ($480USD). The FHD version will go on sale tomorrow while the QHD version will arrive in May or June. You can grab the devices from Oppo’s official website.

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