With just two days left for the official unveiling of Oppo Find 7 on March 19, news regarding a new battery tech for the smartphone have hit the web. An image from Oppo’s Weibo page have leaked out showing two batteries and words “More Touch, More Possibility”. We already know that the smartphone will have a replaceable battery, but now this battery may be featured based on a new tech. This teaser may reveal an additional contact on the upper battery which would result into less heat build up and much better and faster charging.




However, the second image puts a more light to this news saying “As long as there is light there is light” and “before when your battery has no power your screen will not work”. This gives a very blurred hint regarding the tech but we could safely bet on it being a solar charging technology wherein a possible solar panel be placed behind a 5.5 inch display. Will all the rumors flowing around the device, we would be extremely eager to know this news getting unfolded two days after on March 19th.