Oppo will be planning to come up with an attachable lens-attached camera as in Sony QX in the coming days. These fresh images of the upcoming sensational gadget hit the ceilings on the Chinese social-network platform Weibo .

Oppo QX Style camera 1

The exclusive images lets us see the bulky-looking snapper tagged to an Oppo Find 7. The clicks reveal that the camera will showcase a 10X zoom, as well as Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

Oppo’s forthcoming camera is aligned to a 16MP sensor feature, image stabilisation, and microSD card space. There are not much intricate information on its pricing or declaration date for now.

Oppo QX Style camera 2

Considering the appearance and bulk-sized shape of the impending camera unit, one can be a bit skeptical about its ergonomics. A regular  point-and-shoot camera with high-quality connectivity suite is definitely  going to be easier to carry and handle. So, Oppo will have to level its offering quite intensely economical to make a persuasive matter for it.