Later last week the Chinese phone manufacturer, Oppo, announced on its Indonesian twitter account (@OPPOIndonesia) that it’s releasing a new product with best audio quality capabilities. There is however no information whether the “product” that Oppo announced to be “coming soon” is a smartphone, a smart watch, a feature phone, a speaker or something else.

The tweet showed a teaser image showing a box with the “Oppo” logo on top which is probably the package the product will come packed in. Apart from that the company has given no information except for saying more info will come soon.

If the said upcoming device is a smartphone, the “best audio quality” that the company promises will be a major selling point since many smartphones lack on audio side of things.

Oppo has had a lot of success under its belt in the past with so many successful phones on the market including Oppo Neo, N1, Find 7, Find 7a, and N1 Mini to mention a few.

The Oppo N1, which was released on December last year, for example has spec sheet comparable to that of the top smartphones on the market such as the Galaxy S-series and iPhone 5. High quality 13 MP primary camera, fast 1.7 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB memory are some of the features that come with the phone. It also features Adreno 320 GPU, 3610 mAh battery capacity and a weight of 213 grams.

The Find 7, on the other hand, has 13MP camera with capabilities to take up to 50 MP images. This makes it the first phone with camera with the largest pixel count.