OnePlus has a lot in store this Holiday season. First on the list is OnePlus custom ROM underway. It was not confirmed but rumors were hinting that it is because of the recent problem with OnePlus’ partnership with Cyanogen, which apparently signed a private contract with India’s Micromax. However, this upcoming custom ROM would not be a requisite replacement for Cyanogen but an option for OnePlus users. Quoting OnePlus, “We promise that it will be close to stock, bloat-free, and highly customizable.” . Adding that it would be much sooner than likely expected.

In line with this, OnePlus is making up a naming contest since its ROM still has no label. If winning a OnePLus PowerBank or a trip to ONePLus’ HQ in Shenzhen, China and one 64GB Sandstone Black OnePLus One appeals to you, you can check the contest details here.

oneplus powerbank

oneplus powerbank3

And the last but certainly not the least interesting is the power bank that is soon to be available in ONePLus’ online store for $15. This handy powerhouse can impressively contain 10,000mAh of power, sufficient to charge your OnePlus for approximately three times. It comes in black and white aluminium case with two USB ports, allowing charging two devices at a time. It is very modern with a LED indicator that alerts by shaking the bank. It is very light with only 0.48lbs/ 7.76Oz/ 220 grams. For its price, this is definitely a good buy!