This year, Omate is set to launch two of its new smartwatches to catch up with the trending fashion of e-watches. One is the ‘Racer’ and the other is the ‘Roma’; MediaTek MT2502 Aster chipset has been used in both of the watches.

Both smartwatches would run on proprietary software instead of Android Wear so not much is known regarding the specifications of the watches yet.

The Omate Racer will be available for pre-order from tomorrow till 15th of January at a price of $100, and will go to $130 after January 15; shipments are estimated to start at the end of February.

A deal has been signed between Richline Group and Omate. So in March, both smartwatches will be available for purchase in the stores of UK and US.

Omate Roma is located at the left side of the Racer in the picture. As these watches will be running on proprietary software so they will be deficient in supporting Android Wear app but will feature display notifications, activity tracking and customizable watch faces.

According to officials, the low-power chipset has a battery life that will last up to a week and has a support for 2G, so that both watches get data connection of their own. Also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection is also included.

A circular smartwach has also been announced by Alcatel, but it is not confirmed that if it will run on proprietary software also. It is hoped that CES would bring out some actual sheets of specifications.