The Facebook has recently released an update for its Android app. The updated version has a notable feature, support for offline post creation. The Facebook did not mention much else in “What’s new” section of the recent app update however it appears a few fug fixes and performance enhancements packed into the update.
We are always connected to people, system and the internet with the help of mobile devices; however at times there are possibilities for us to face difficulty to stay connected through mobile and data connection especially when the mobile signal falls far below average strength. It’s undesired to be disconnected even for a short period due to intermittent absence of the internet connection.facebook-for-android-2
The Facebook’s new feature allows its users to share from their Android app even when there is no internet connection. It’s called “offline post,” now the Facebook users can write status update, prepare image or video even when the Android device is offline. The contents are queued from there, and as soon as the connection is restored, the queued offline posts will be automatically published onto the user’s timeline.
The new feature is very useful for those who need to offline every now and then. For instance, frequent flyers need to switch their mobile devices to flight mode often ending up losing connection for some time, with the new features they can share even when they are offline and all the queued entries will be posted automatically as soon as the connection is restored.
For now the offline post feature update is available only for its Android version and you may expect to see similar update for iOS version of the app in the near future.