Over the past month, there has been a plethora of leaks for the much awaited LG G3 and one more just few hours before its official launch tomorrow has appeared again. The LG G3 has been spotted yet again on the company’s Dutch website gsmhelpdesk.nl, where it shows the device will full list of specs and features. The device has also made an appearance on @evleaks showing up the titanium version of the device for US based Sprint carrier. In addition, there are plenty of QuickCircle case images that have leaked a day ahead. Scroll down to watch them.  

The leaked specs show almost the same details that have appeared many times in leaks before. The LG G3 is likely to host a 5.5” QHD display with 1440×2560 pixel resolution, a 13MP camera with OIS and 4K video recording, quad-core CPU clocked at 2.5GHz and a 3000mAh of battery life. Additional source has also confirmed the existence of 128GB microSD expandable memory. Moreover, evleaks has shown the device to be painted in gold and black titanium shade.

LG G3 black LG G3 titanium

According to gsmhelpdesk.nl the release date is mentioned to be June 27. It is unclear whether this has appeared on the LG Dutch portal or is just a speculation. Tomorrow everything will be clear as the device will be unwrapped at an official event from London.

Earlier today, we spotted a official video of the QuickCircle cases unveiled by the company itself showing its circular window. Now a bunch of images have leaked out showing up the QuickCircle cases. Check them out here.


LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_2 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_3 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_4 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_5 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_6 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_7 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_8 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_12 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_13 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_11 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_10 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_9 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_18 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_22 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_21 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_20 LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-MaiNguyen_19