In November 2014, Microsoft has invited everybody to try out the Office for Android before the company released the final version of the app. It resulted in an overwhelming positive feedback from the users. The downloading also made even easier by requesting access to Google Plus community.

Recently, there are a lot of people who wants the Office to be available on the Android tablet. The feedback from the initial phase of preview has helped Microsoft in improving the experience and performance for Office in Android tablet users. Moreover, it also helps Microsoft in planning future updates of the Office new features.

Due to this positive response, Microsoft has expanding the preview, as the company wants to gather more feedback to ensure that the Office apps will work well with the wide range of Android tablets before launching the official apps.

To participate, you can use ARM-based Android tablet running KitKat or Lollipop with screen size between 7” and 10.1”. You will just need to download them (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) from Google Play without waiting or access request.

After you had downloaded the apps and tried them out, you can give Microsoft your feedback by going to Google plus Community. Your feedback will help them to deliver a high performance of Android tablet.

The-Microsoft-Office-suite-now-openly-available-for-Android-tablets The-Microsoft-Office-suite-now-openly-available-for-Android-tablets (1) The-Microsoft-Office-suite-now-openly-available-for-Android-tablets (2)