Wearable technology is getting quite popular what with smartwatches, smart bracelets, smart clothes and smart rings. Several smart rings have been developed out there including the MOTA SmartRing, Smarty Ring, Ringly and Fin. Now we have the Ö Bluetooth Ring that tells you the analog and digital time, gives email alerts, Twitter notifications and much more.

The Ö Bluetooth Ring is a 3D printed ring fitted with a monochrome OLED display of 64 x 32 resolution, a touch button, a 16MHz microprocessor and a 40mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery having a life of 4+ hours. The chipset is NRF51822 with 256k of flash and 16k of RAM, most of it taken up by the Bluetooth gear. The ring connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you alerts and notifications.

After seeing many crowdfunding campaigns for smart rings, Kevin Bates, creator of the Ö Bluetooth Ring wanted to see if he could himself make one. He told Gizmodo in an email:

“I made this just to see how small I could get the technology. I became inspired after seeing several crowdfunding campaigns for smart rings become hugely successful. I wanted to see if it was possible to develop a technology more advanced than what they had displayed in their promotional materials. …

In general, I think people should be more skeptical of hardware crowdfunding and demand to see more behind the scenes operation of the underlying technology.”

He has made a prototype of the ring which you can see in the video below:


Kevin Bates has already got several quotes from manufacturers and he will be pushing ahead with production of the first batch this year.  Price of the Ö Bluetooth Ring has not been revealed yet.


Source Arduboy

Via Gizmodo