Nvidia a company long known for its graphic processing units was planning to jump into tablets and smart-phone fray too. As the PC sales are plummeting and are expected to follow the same path Nvidia is looking for an alternate source of generating revenue. So, they tried their hand at manufacturing chips for smart-phones and tablet.

Nvidia started making Tegra chips for devices but saw a stiff competition from Qualcomm and MediaTek. Tegra found its way in some devices such as the Microsoft’s Windows RT Surface tablet and Xiaomi Mi tablets. But this isn’t enough to compensate for the decreasing PC sales. MediTek chips are low cost compared to Nvidia whose main focus is high performance and not price.  Like Tegra4i was not successful despite being powerful processor that comes with integrated LTE support it isn’t used in many phones as of today. One primary reason behind this is its price.

According to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, company is more keen on focusing its resources android gaming. According to Haung “In some phones, visual computing is important, but in a lot of phones, visual computing is just not that important. So what we wanted to do was focus on No. 1. gaming, where we can add a lot of value, and we think gaming on Android is going to be important. We’re going to focus on car computers where visual computing and supercomputing technology is really important to the future of cars. And then we’re going to focus our energy on segments of mobile computing, segments of phones and tablets where computer graphics are really important.”

So we are going to a lot more car computers, android games coming out of Nvidia.