Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple iWatch is coming with different designs, shapes and sizes for the users in order to give the perfect outlook to one’s hand. From the previous rumor, we have heard that Apple is testing the 1.5” iWatch and 2.5” iWatch; you can’t avoid or put the news inside too!

However, the WSJ has confirmed from the sources that Apple iWatch will have more than 10 sensors to have better iWatch platform. On the other hand, Apple is not considering releasing 1 iWatch beta in the market to get the market ideas and accurate market audiences at all like Apple TV. Instead, Apple brand will soon release more than 1 iWatch to the market with good marketing efforts to beat the existing iWatch market. Samsung Gear Line series or Sony’s SmartWatch are some of the competitors that Apple need to face to have better market place.

Now Available Apple iWatch With 10+ Sensors and Different Sizes & Shapes 2

In order to get the superior market and audiences, Apple is going to have the brilliant features on the iWatch. In this case, the good looking watches are not the main aim of the Apple and instead, it is looking for duplicate features of a Smartphone like health and fitness sensors. As a result, Apple is also developing Health app and SDK hit in order to get the better features including pedometer functionality, pulse rate, blood pressure consuming, and glucose meters and so on.

However, there is no specification news and rumor about Apple iWatches and the first design tip from different sources. But, Apple is planning to ship more than 10 million iWatches to the market at the end of summer to the preordered backers in different parts of the world. Moreover, the release date can be announced at any time and probably in October.