Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

Nokia Mobiles would be soon known as Microsoft Mobiles and it’s not a secret anymore.  Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobiles and related services section last year; since then it has been causing ripples in the industry. The deal has now been fully locked and Nokia has given us a final glimpse of its evolution from being a new comer to the market to being the master!

The journey took exponential track when Nokia launched the 3310 handset. Its 1100 also gained a lot of popularity in Asian countries. Then the company produced some wonderful marvels like Ngage series for gaming, N series that stood out completely from the other mobiles in the era.

What happened to the Symbian OS?

Due to the shift in market, Symbian lost its popularity and newer Operating systems like Android and Windows were trending. Nokia embraced Windows and launched a series of Lumia phones that were very funky and colorful.

So the journey started from ‘black & white’ and it has become very colorful today with the Lumia series. Nokia is assuring its investors and customers that the team at Microsoft would get things back on track and everything would be as perfect as it once used to be.

With Microsoft coming into picture, the focus would be totally on the Windows mobiles.