Are your eyesight is too poor to read any books although you like to read? Then, Barnes and Noble have opened a new door for you because Nook Audiobook app will read the books for you. Therefore, you can download and listen to the nobles and books from your android phone very easily.

This new Audiobook is now available on Google Play Store and free for the users. Moreover, you will have 5 books that you can choose to listen free by signing up on Barnes and Noble website. On the other hand, you can change the book list weekly basic from the website. If your car has Bluetooth, you can also listen them using your car’s speaker more loudly.

Barnes and Noble are optimistic to provide the best book contents to the book readers. Nook Audiobook App is the greatest way to approach for the goal to give different book reading experience. Currently, the company is offering the top 50,000 books in audio version that the users can purchase lower prices to get the audio version to list.

Have a look on how the Nook Audiobook app looks like on Google Play Store too.

Nook Audiobook app is available on Google Play Store 1

Nook Audiobook app is available on Google Play Store 3