This unconfirmed story was ignited by China-based report sites, which argue that the Nokia team responsible for the existence of the N9 is currently crafting an Android handset for Nokia. This might seem uncomplicated in a nutshell. However, if you were keeping track, Nokia has already sold the rights to its logo to Microsoft. Nokia is not restricted to design new device and handsets, however, all products would be recognized for Microsoft.

Let’s leave the copyrights matter first. Do you still remember the N9?


It is a very interesting handset, not to mention very handy s well. It was a pioneer of the new Nokia and an introduction to what the company has in store for us. Well, here’s a retrospect of the brand’s flagship phone and also what might be a glimpse to the rumoured flagship Android device.





  • N9 created a buzz mainly because of its small size, which did not define its capabilities.
  • It was made of polycarbonate and perhaps change the way we look at the material positively.
  • Has impressive battery life considering its processor.
  • The first Nokia phone to run on MeeGo OS.
  • It has a really reliable continuous Autofocus.
  • Housed an ARM Cortex A8.
  • Displays 854 x 480 pixel resolution.
  • An energy efficient device with automatic screen brightness adjustment, Power Save mode and Unplug charger reminder.

All in all, the N9 received a positive feedback from the market, which raises the expectation for the rumoured flagship Android device. On one tweet, Nokia gave a hint about the reveal on November 17. However, we can only wait for now.