The last news that we heard about Nokia was that the company sold most of its phone business to Microsoft back in 2013. Another news is that Nokia is trying to sell its HERE Maps division to a consortium of German automakers. With all these selling happening, it seems that Nokia current strength is coming from its networking equipment division. This is strengthened further by the ongoing acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia’s previous rival. However, this time, we heard good rumors about Nokia. The company is about to announce its first virtual reality product.

The announcement is expected to take place in a VIP event in Los Angeles next week. In the event, it is also rumored that Nokia is going to announce the development of the HERE Maps division. A few of other good news from Nokia recently such as, the company announced that it will start selling smartphone designs starting in 2016 and it is also involved in software projects development such as Nokia Z Android app launcher.

Virtual Reality products seem to be on the rise lately with major technology companies such as Oculus which is currently owned by Facebook, Microsoft, HTC and Samsung trying to come up with something related to virtual reality which hopefully would be the next big thing in the technology sector.

There is no further detail about the Nokia’s upcoming virtual reality headset and if the rumors turn out to be correct, the VR headset will be the first product from Nokia since 2013.