There have been several rumors and speculations suggesting that Nokia was planning to re-enter the smartphone market as soon as its contract with Microsoft allows it to do so. Well, those rumors are proving to be true and the company is indeed planning to return but it will join the Android bandwagon and not return to the Windows platform.

According to the non-compete clause in the agreement between Microsoft and Nokia, the Finnish company could not produce any smartphones under its own brand name up to 31 December 2015 and feature phones up to a decade. Nokia has already started working on Android smartphones which it will launch in 2016 after the non-compete clause ends.

According to a report in the Chinese website, this has been confirmed by Nokia China’s president Mike Wang himself. Wang has revealed that the company will be manufacturing the Android-powered smartphones in its Sichuan facility in China. He also mentioned that the company’s global R&D center will be shifted to Sichuan, China.

In China, Nokia will get the opportunity to enter the Chinese smartphone market and compete with the likes of Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE and Oppo.

Nokia has already launched its powerful Nokia N1 tablet powered by Android Lollipop. The tablet has been designed by Nokia and produced under brand licensing agreement by Foxconn who will also take care of its marketing and distribution.

So, are you looking forward to Nokia’s re-entry into the smartphone market?