The Nokia and Microsoft deal has now gone official on April 25 after Microsoft took the charge of all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business. However, two factories one in Chennai (India) and the other in South Korea have still been under Nokia’s shield. However, the South Korean factory has nearly 200 employees on the count at the moment but new are that Nokia will be closing it down sooner or later. Anything regarding the Chennai factory is still unsaid.


The deal is expected to be closed off at a slightly more price that the earlier quoted €5.44 billion because of an positive adjustment in cash earnings and net working capitals. The leadership team from Nokia has now been transformed to Microsoft that includes CEO Stephen Elop, Jo Harlow, Juha Putkiranta, Timo Toikkanen and Chis Weber.

Nokia is to make an announcement on April 29 voicing further details regarding the transactions possibly deciding the fate of Chennai factory.