Well, if this title is very surprising for you, we give you a bit recap that few months back, Microsoft acquired Nokia and is now the parent company for all the Lumia phones. However, now the company has went out officially declaring that the Nokia Lumia brand would be replaced with Microsoft Lumia. But this is not the complete end of Nokia brand as the company would still continue to sell the Nokia Lumia along with the support for these device. Senior Vice President of Marketing, Tuula Rytilä, said in an interview about the future course of Lumia brands and said that the Nokia-branded apps would now come under the Microsoft umbrella.

However, it is still not clear as to when we would get to see the first Microsoft Lumia device in the market. Probably, if Microsoft doesn’t surprise us before this Christmas, we can expect Microsoft to make announcements at the CES in January or either the MWC in February next year.