It is reported from various sources that Microsoft was working on a project which potentially could be the successor of Lumia 1020. The project is internally known as Nokia Lumia McLaren. However, the end result suggested that Microsoft has cancelled the project last year, but this does not prevent the handset images or some information about the device to be leaked out.

In the leaked video, it shows that Nokia Lumia McLaren was supposed to come with an experimental 3D Touch navigation system. The technology allows users to navigate through the menu without actually touching the display screen of the device. However, in the end the project was cancelled due to the rumor of the hardware incompatibilities as well as the insecurities regarding the developer adoption.

Another rumor mentions that McLaren could be built on mostly metal whereby plastics can only be seen at the phone’s bottom which was believed to house the antenna. On top of that, what makes the device easily recognizable was the protruding camera bump design at the back of the phone. No wonder, it was mentioned as the successor of Lumia 1020 as it was speculated to come with a 50MP camera sensor. In case most of you did not know, Lumia 1020 supports 41MP camera sensor.

Other speculations such as it could come with quad-core Snapdragon SoC as well as 2GB RAM and a 32GB internal storage space. However, all the above information is just based on rumors and leaks. There is no official information about the device.