The Finnish smartphone maker Nokia has recently announced that it has temporarily stopped the sale of its Lumia 2520 tablet after the company came to know during its internal testing that the AC-300 wall charger that comes exclusively along with the tablet poised a major health risk threat. Nokia found that under certain conditions, the plastic covers placed on the chargers exchangeable plug would get loose and eventually get separated. This posed a serious threat of an electric shock ti touched when the plug is inserted into AC live socket.

Nokia charger

Nokia is also advising customers who have already purchased the tablet to immediately stop using the charger, along with the optional travel charger accessory sold in some regions. Nokia says this has impacted approximately 30,000 chargers, including 600 travel charger accessories.

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Nokia has told most of its Lumia 2520 customers to stop using the charger immediately along with the travel charger accessory that is sold in few regions. According to the company estimates, this issue has caused an impact over 30,000 chargers world wide along with 600 travel chargers. You can further get the details of the news by visiting the Nokia Blog.