Microsoft recently removed the Nokia Camera app from their online app Store. They changed the app and released the Lumia Camera and Lumia Camera Classic apps in its place. Although these are new apps, if you are looking for new features, you won’t really find them here.

Nokia Camera app re-branded as Lumia Camera, returns to Windows Phone Store - 2 - DoiToshin

It turns out that they just wanted to rebrand the app so that the name is changed but the app remains the same. The old Nokia Camera app is now rebranded as the Lumia Camera app. The Lumia Camera app lets you change the camera’s capture settings. It is set to auto by default, but you can change various settings from the app to customize the way your photos are taken.

If your device’s camera has not received the Denim firmware update then you will need the Lumia Camera Classic app instead. It used to be known as Nokia Camera Beta.

Of course, both apps are available for free in the Windows Phone Store.

This step is part of the process of removing the Nokia branding off Lumia products. There is also news that Nokia is working on an Android phone, which explains why Microsoft wants to keep the two separate.