On 7 may nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata said that they would be starting an internet based service for nintendo. This service is to be targeted towards smartphones and tablet devices. He said that this service will provide famous nintendo games to the fans, games like Mario Kart would be a part of this new service. More details are to surface in the near future. This is not very surprising since E3 2014 is to be held in less than a month. Nintendo probably has something planned for the next E3 conference. In January 2014 nintendo showed interest  in launching an application for smartphone and tablet users within 2014.

Nintendo's To Launch A Smartphone Service - Cover - 2 -- Doi Toshin

This is not a bad move for nintendo, after all their games would definitely sell really well, and could be incredibly popular if they are made available on smartphones and tablets. This move may have been influenced by the fact that the japanese market is favoring smartphones and tablets over portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS. iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are taking over Japan and even their regional phone carriers are taking note of the demand. Nintendo’s latest home console didn’t fare well either. The WiiU failed to attract a mass audience and had low sales. Video game manufacturers didn’t want to make games for the WiiU because even if a game were to be successful on the WiiU, it would still not be a good decision financially to make games for it. Licensing fees and other expenses for game development are so high these days that a game has to sell really well for the studio to make another one. Because of the WiiU, nintendo is now at the verge of abandoning its hardware business and enter the smartphone market. Unless of course they can make another console as innovative as the Nintendo Wii. Lets see what nintendo has planned for this year’s E3 conference on 10 June 2014.