Nike’s FuelBand app is highly recommended for general health improvements ways, calories burning ways with a good package system. In fact, the sportswear manufacturers have brought the companion app to the users that the Apple has approved for the iOS users. But finally, Nike+ FuelBand app releases for the Android users and available in Google Play Store.

Android users have to wait for long time for the Nike+ FuelBand companion app and finally, it has entered into the Google Play Store. This approach of Nike+ FuelBand app release for the android will give the best and same features that iOS users are familiar with.

Nike+ FuelBand App Release for Android Smartphones

When you will purchase the FuelBand app, you can easily connect it with your android device. In this case, you will have the live performance and improvement of your well eight and fitness.

Of course, Nike+ FuelBand has a good history in the sales market from the first month of arrival in the market. Recently, it has also be a good part of generating good health performance report like Smartwatches.

Nike+ FuelBand App Release for Android Smartphones 3

On the other hand, Apple has approached to release its own Smartwatch for the users having good features of HealthKit in its iOS 8. As a result, the users will also get the same features of the Nike+ FuelBand app as well as give the users good health report and calories burning issues.

Nike+ FuelBand App Release for Android Smartphones 2

However, the new app for the android from Nike+ FuelBand release needs a better running operating system like Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher. In this case, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S, Motorola’s Moto X, HTC One and Google Nexus are some of the Smartphones that will work well as health companion app.