Well, the next Google tablet seems to be all set to make an arrival tomorrow officially with a release date for next month November 3rd and is quoted to carry a price tag of $399. This next Google tablet is said to be powered with a very powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset however it still remains unclear for the moment whether it would be a quad-core 32-bit version of Tegra K1 or the dual-core 64 bit version.

With the next Google mobile OS Android L expected to be coming on-board with the device it is also said that the Nexus 9 would have a 64-bit K1 dual-core Nvidia Denver CPU. Another good thing is that the Nexus 9 K1 chip comes with a 192-shader Kepler GPU which has scored pretty good results on the graphics benchmarks. The 9inch screen for the Nexus 9 is said to be having a stunning Quad HD resolution with 2560×1600 pixel resolution.

The $399 pricing might seem to have a been a bit higher looking at the $200 pricing that Google has kept for its previous Nexus 7” tablets. It might be that Google want to make its own space in high-end tablet segment and bring in a new competition in place. We hope to get the things clear in next 24 hours. So stay tuned for all the Nexus news here.