Nexus 9 will be up for grabs via pre-order this Friday. But there is one more interesting thing the brand is brewing. The new Nexus 9 Keyboard, although there are no details released yet regarding its pricing and availability, has already captured worldwide attention.

The Nexus 9 folio keyboard is somehow a hybrid of iPad Smart Cover and Microsoft Type Cover. It features both a magnetic bendable keyboard, a well-known characteristic of the iPad Smart Cover, as well as it is a keyboard with plastic keys, a famous attribute of the latter. But the thing is apart from these, basing on the images of the Nexus 9 Keyboard that are already out, it might be featuring shortcut buttons for emoji and the Home key.

nexus 9 folio keyboard

As you can see, the Alt keys might also function as emoji key and the Ctrl key can dual purpose as the Home key. You might be thinking it is not very significant. But if you come to think of it, this new aspect can make way to more keyboard shortcuts in the future to open particular apps. Having dedicated apps for several applications can certainly improve user experience.

So, whether or not you are fond of using emojis, this feature of the upcoming Nexus 9 Keyboard would be helpful!