Next in Line: Apple iPhone 7, What You May Get!

Recently, Apple introduced its latest additions into its Smartphone series, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But rumors about the next addition, Apple iPhone 7, are already on the internet. On Sunday, a report was published which mentioned that the display screen of iPhone 7 would be bigger in size compared to the 5.5 inch screen of iPhone 6 Plus. However, this time the Smartphone giant has decided to make the display screen with sapphire glass which is one of the hardest materials after diamond.

The body of the iPhone 7 would be made with liquid metal to make it stronger, as reported. The phone might come with the Touch ID sensor with a 14 megapixel rear camera. Report informed that Apple might double the phone’s capacity next year to 256GB (latest models offers 128GB) and a quad-core A8 processor could be used. There are also rumors that the iPhone 7 might include a built-in projector, a feature that is present in Samsung Galaxy Beam.

With all of these demanding features included in the phone, the question arises about the phone’s battery. The report revealed that the iPhone 7 may use a new technology based battery that would be able to keep the phone running for longer period. The phone is rumored to be more expensive than previous models and is expected to be released somewhere between July and September of 2015. Although, the report reveals a lot about iPhone 7 but it is still too early to come to any conclusion.